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Ukrainian Egg Art
Lillian's Labor of Love

Ukrainian Easter egg decorating (pysanky) involves a complex and delicate process that can turn farm-bought eggs into vibrant works of art.

Few have mastered this ancient art form with the expertise and dedication of South Dakota artist Lillian Hellickson. Through a complex series of wax applications, consisting of free-hand drawing, dye baths, and varnishing, she is able to create heirloom-quality pieces that showcase her wonderfully detailed designs.

These Ukrainian Eggs (pysanky) are exquisite, delicate treasures for any home and/or collector. Each egg is an original design, signed and dated by the artist. The dyes used for the egg designs are of high-intense color. The sharpness of the color is superbly matched with other colors surrounding it.

At special request, the hand-decorated eggs can be personalized. These pysanky eggs will look beautiful displayed anywhere in your home, especially a china cabinet. The simple holders (sold separately) magnificently display the eggs without taking away from their beauty. Display the intricately designed Ukrainian pysanky around holidays or all year long. A single egg or a cluster of signed eggs will make a beautiful table centerpiece.